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Skyward Experimental Rocketry
Skyward Experimental Rocketry

Skyward Experimental Rocketry

Our goal is to design, build and launch sounding rockets in order to analyze the upper part of the atmosphere. Our rockets are entirely manufactured by students from Politecnico.

The aim of Skyward is to launch a sounding rocket up to 50km and to achieve that we have created a program called "Rocksanne Program".

The very first target of the Program (1km of altitude) was achieved 3 times: once in November 2013 and twice in June 2014 from the city of Roccaraso (AQ).

At the present time we are working on the second step of the Program (10km of altitude) and at this stage the estimated dimensions of the new rocket are: 7m in length and 20cm of diameter.

In addition Skyward is developing a new unmanned air vehicle (drone) to launch its rockets from higher altitudes.

Skyward Experimental Rocketry

Skyward Experimental Rocketry

Skyward Experimental Rocketry is an active student association operating inside Politecnico di Milano, it was born in 2012 with the ambitious goal of designing and realizing small and medium sized experimental sounding rockets. Our project takes on from the passion of its founders and their desire to challenge other similar associations active in Europe. The context we are in is very competitive and stimulating: our goal is to beat the altitude record achieved by an experimental rocket (12.3 km/7.6 miles), and to do this we are following a program divided in different steps, each one involving new development and technological solutions. Each step forward will become reality with the help of Politecnico di Milano and its professors, that have always shown a passionate interest in our project, even from the very beginning. Our first goal was achieved in November 2013 by launching Rocksanne I-X that travelled 1000m high.

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