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AirQuino: lo scorso anno un prototipo,quest'anno una realtà
AirQuino: lo scorso anno un prototipo,quest'anno una realtà

AirQuino: lo scorso anno un prototipo,quest'anno una realtà

An Arduino based sensor shield called "AirQuino" has been developed, dedicated to the monitoring of air quality (Noise, Humidity ,Temperature, CO2, O3, NO2, VOC and noise) in an urban environment. In collaboration with CNR ISAFOM, in the framework of AriaSaNa project, AirQuino was installed on buses, boats of the Navy League, bicycles and cars of various regional companies in order to realize mobile environmental monitoring stations (AQPOD). Such widespread coverage has created a network of air quality information that could be viewed in real time on the site www.ariasana.org.

AirQuino: lo scorso anno un prototipo,quest'anno una realtà

Istituto di Biometeorologia del Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR IBIMET)

IBIMET works to define strategies, develop technologies and explore practical solutions to contribute to the resilience and sustainability related to food, climatic, meteorological and energy emergencies, which are interconnected through a series of key deliverables. IBIMET deals with:
• Innovative technology solutions, integration of geomatics and ICT, for the efficient use of natural resources, decrease of fertilizer and pesticide use, and decrease of pollutant emissions for a sustainable agriculture and an increase/stabilization of yields
• Strategies to implement urban climate research
• Strategies to promote the development of rural communities through advanced training, technology transfer and sustainable development
• Climatology and implementation of weather and agro-meteorological forecasting systems
• Technological and managerial solutions for the protection and increase of soil organic carbon
• Instruments to enhance the quality of agrifood and no-food products
• Research in developing countries
• Educational activities, advanced education, technological transfer
• Communication and diffusion of research activities
IBIMET is located in Florence, Bologna, Sassari and Rome and, over the years, has promoted the creation of related research centers such as: LaMMA - Laboratory for Meteorology and Environmental Modelling, CESIA - Center for Informatics of the Georgofili Academy, FCS - Foundation for Climate and Sustainability, CIBIC - Center for Bioclimatology in partnership with the University of Florence.

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