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Hackerbot 3D FFF printer

Hackerbot 3D FFF printer

Hackerbot 3D printer is based on Ultimaker design and on various RepRap parts.

It was build using a lot of aluminium parts, chromed shafts, a reliable DD1 extruder and E3D hotends for ultimate performance.

Hackerbot has been build to last a lifetime.

We also added a WiFi and Ethernet connection (Octoprint) and big stepper motor for smooth, quiet and reliable motion.

We designed it observing, when it was possible, the standards used in RepRap community so you will find easy to change some parts with others (ex. hotends)

Hackerbot 3D FFF printer


Salvatore Balestrino, Maintainer
Laura Genovesi, Designer
Daniele Pasciuto, Engineer

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