Exhibitors 2015

Immagina E Crea, Progetto
Immagina E Crea, Progetto

Immagina E Crea, Progetto "Flusso Canalizzatore"

The Flux Capacitor is a multifilament extruder made for the 3D printers.
It allows to use up to 4 materials on the same printing with a single hotend, in that way you can use 4 colours while printing.
This project is driven by the MarlinKimbra firmware, another Italian RepRap Group's project, and it started by the RepRap user immaginaecrea few two years ago on the RepRap Forum.
Since it's an Open Source project it is always in development and next evolution will be the use of five and six filaments with just one noozle.
The BFB IEC Refurbished EVO2 is a 3D prosumer printer hackered and refurbished by the same RepRap user.
It will have a new 32-bit Alligator board (with MarlinKimbra4due firmware), the Channelling Flux, magnetic autobed leveling and a Raspberry Pi print server with touch screen.

Immagina E Crea, Progetto

Daniela Donigaglia, Davide Dalfiume

Davide Dalfiume and Daniela Donigaglia are digital fabbers skilled into the 3D printing world, with the best italian hotends and the Channelling Flux, everything made under the Open Source philosophy.

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