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Fa)(a3D V3
Fa)(a3D V3

Fa)(a3D V3

Fa)(a is a modular and scalable printer, able to print any material and entirely customizable in every single aspect.
It is the first Open Source 3d printer using a magnetic levitation system.
The Fa)(a bars for X and Y axes include neodymium magnets, creating a real magnetic levitation! This feature extremely reduces the friction during the printing, unburdening the motors and supporting any printing acceleration.
The printer has a simple snap-fit connexion near the extruder, connected with the sliding system of the X axis through a 9 poles plug, so that you can use any extruder/hotend, both 3mm and 1.75.
Falla 3D is scalable up to a 90x60x60 cm printing area (Printer size 100x70x70 cm). Accurate printing up to 50 micron (0.05 mm). XY placement 15 micron, Z placement 5 micron. Silent and fast printing, up to 200 mm/s.
At the 2015 Maker Faire in Rome the RepRap user ifala will present the third version of his Fa)(a 3D.

Fa)(a3D V3

Giacomo Falaschi

Vice president of FabLab Toscana, co-founder of FabLab Contea, blogger on 3dita.falaschi.com, maker of Falla3d project.

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