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Gruppo RepRap Italia
Gruppo RepRap Italia

Gruppo RepRap Italia

RepRap is about making self-replicating machines, and making them freely available for the benefit of everyone.
3D Printing is now starting to reach every home thanks to the RepRap Project (Replicating Rapid Prototyper) started by Dr Adrian Bowyer at the University of Bath (UK). At the European Maker Faire in Rome the Italian RepRap Group will be showing its projects and sharing ideas, promoting the RepRap philosophy to all the show visitors and exhibitors. The Italian group of the RepRap Forum is really prolific, we have a vast experience of home and desktop 3D Printing, all being shared and developed with an Open-Source philosophy. Like: Guides, General advice and 3D printing for novices, 3D printing issues, Electronics and Mechanics, Software and Firmware and so on. Community users always attend events like Maker Faires or electronic's faires meeting each others and making connections in the real wolrd. At the 2015 Maker Faire we would like to present our development efforts and release our Open Source projects to every one interested in the 3D printing community. Some of these projects are: the Falla3D, a 3D printer using magnetic levitation on its axes; the Channeling Flux, a multi-material extruder which allow from 4 to 6 filaments to be printed; the MarlinKimbra, an adapted and modified firmware. And the R2EVO 3D printer, a stronger and better Prusa i3; etc.
And during the show, RepRap Forum's users will meet up, discuss and help each others by showing their failed printing.

Gruppo RepRap Italia

Gruppo RepRap Italia

Since 2008 the Italian RepRap Group grown slowly to a very active forum, sharing ideas, helpful thoughts, tips and tricks.
In the 2013 the italian section of the RepRap Forum got its administrator and moderators, changing the style of the section.
The new style includes separations by thematics like General stuff, Novices' adivices, Electronics and Mechanics, Software and Firmware and so on.
At the moment the italian section is one of the most prolific and active section of the RepRap Forum with a total of twelvethousands threads.

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