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L'effetto della resina epossidica nel design
L'effetto della resina epossidica nel design

L'effetto della resina epossidica nel design

DE.sign creates a line of accessories that reveal a visceral empathy with one material, epoxy resin, and a search into its unexplored aesthetic potential. Every idea is born from a fluid vision of the material, the forms that slowly reveal themselves in "castings" legitimate, in their harmonious density, a sense of approval and open, in their game of vains and transparencies, the immagination to countless contaminations of colors, dust, silver, cement, and wood.
New technologies also intervene in their processes of realization, for example, for the jewellery Felone and Soron, the cast, first finely drawn, becomes concrete with the use of a 3D printer. The simple and delicate form in silver (925), fascinated, welcomes the abstract effect of the resin, gravitating the imagination towards spatial ambients between nebulous celestial bodies and planets.
As in the way of any brand of design, the encounter with decorative objects could not be avoided. DE.sign created DE.light. The harmonious combination of cement, wood, and resin lines the perimetral coordinates of a container of light of an essential aesthetic with the peculiarity of emanating a warm and luminous refraction.


L'effetto della resina epossidica nel design


DE.sign was born from the meeting at the Istituto Universitario di Architettura of Venice (IUAV) between Daniela Cavasin and Enrica Zanini. Friendship, study, impacts in the world of restoration, subsequent experience and the knowledge of materials and their technical characteristics developed in this context are all elements that brought about the need to express their creativity through their own brand.

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