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Koperfil - the plastic maker
Koperfil - the plastic maker

Koperfil - the plastic maker

Koperfil is an extruder suitable for those who need to produce much 3D filament in a short time. With its two independent extruders, it can produce at least 2kg of 3D filament in one hour, both by 1,75mm is 3mm. You can extrude ABS and PLA currently. The heart of the extruder is specially made to measure: both the motor and the screw. The screw is not the one from wood, but is a screw extrusion resized to be compacted as much as possible the extruder.

Koperfil - the plastic maker

Giuseppe Manzone, Paolo Toldo, Roberto Toldo

Giuseppe Manzone, craftsman and designer in the gaming industry to casino games
Architect Paolo Toldo with particular skills in the use of Rhinoceros for 3D design and rendering.
Roberto Toldo electronics technician

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