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Coltiverra, a revolution in agriculture that allows anyone to grow their own food online. A new service which lets users manage and monitor their own plot of land remotely via the web and then harvest the rewards, all under the supervision of our expert horticulturalists.
Using a custom-made web app our customers can decide what vegetables to plant and the layout of their own plot of land in one of our state-of-the-art greenhouses. Via a live, 24hour webcam feed and temperature and humidity sensors, they can monitor and manage their garden, deciding on various important aspects such as watering times and fertilizer types. When the time is right they then harvest their produce and either have it delivered to their home or sell it back to Coltiverra in exchange for credits.



Oliver Astrologo, Marcello Ridolfi, Fabian McDonald

Oliver Astrologo: Geek, Digital Director and Photographer 12+ years of commercial experience in business applications.

  B6 - Coltiverra

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