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Orchestra folk automatica
Orchestra folk automatica

Orchestra folk automatica

Orchestra composed mandolin, accordion, 14 pipes, plates, tambourine, castanets, cowbell, tambourine.
Select a music display for starting it and listen to a music rich in traditional sounds.

Orchestra folk automatica

Alvaro Passeri


1963 - At age 13, I began to paint oil paintings.
1964 - I studied music and played the clarinet for three years in a band.
1966 - I studied electronics at the time of vacuum tubes.
1970 - I graduated in sculpture at the Art Institute of Rome.
1973 - I started working in film as a sculptor.
1982 - I started doing special effects (animals, monsters, corpses, etc.) for many hundreds of film.
1983 - I built a small film studio, where I started to shoot special effects sequences.
1985 - I opened the visual effects department.
1990 - I produced and directed five films at low cost in English language, for the Asian market.
2010 - I am dedicated to musical robotics and many other applications of fantasy.

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