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Post produzione oggetti stampati in 3D

-My project consists in the processing and finishing of an object made ​​from a 3D printer . The process involves a sanding , puttying , painting and finishing of the workpiece so as to eliminate the layers of printing and make the piece perfectly uniform .

Post produzione oggetti stampati in 3D

Enrico Bertagnoli

-My Name is Enrico Bertagnoli.
I was born in Verona on 9 July 1991 and since childhood drawing has occupied an important place in my life.
During the years of high school I discovered the use of the airbrush that has become my greatest passion. I joined then the Academy of Fine Arts in Verona where I had my first real contact with the world of art. Here I learned and perfected different techniques and confirmed my love for the hyperrealism. The basic fact of my work there has always been a research and an attention to detail that characterize the image.
I obtained my bachelor's degree in painting in June 2014 with a thesis project that saw the use of the airbrush intaglio engraving.
I refer to the very graffiti world, art and the meanings of tattoos and hyperrealism.
Currently I work on decoration of helmets, motorcycle, bodywork and customization of objects through the use of the airbrush. In fact I'm trying to turn this passion into a job that puts into practice the teachings and values ​​and experience acquired over time.

  A28 - Post produzione oggetti stampati in 3D

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