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Fedi nuziali e gioielli in titanio
Fedi nuziali e gioielli in titanio

Fedi nuziali e gioielli in titanio

JeS-Titanium Design is an Italian brand borns in 2011.
Inspired from traditional application of titanium in aeronautical and racing the jewel becomes a geometric and creative expression, melting two worlds: mechanic precision and design.
JeS jewels express their powerful identity through the extraordinary properties of titanium and a minimal design, for a timeless jewel which tells the maximum expression of “Made in Italy”.
Rustproof, anallergyc, very light, a metal with pure soul, masterly worked. e-store on products/shop on www.jesdesign.it

Fedi nuziali e gioielli in titanio


Jessica and Vincenzo are architect and designer.They started to work together in 2011 to create the brand JeS. They also opens a company in the same year, specialized in aeronautic, automotive and medical productions, working titanium and other metals.
They like customers direct relashionship, they like when customers love the item bought and also the process to make it.

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