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The project Michela MUSTO and Serna UCAR will present explores the symbiotic world of handbags and technologies. Different prototypes realised thanks to the use of high-tech materials, CAM systems and rapid prototyping techniques will be displayed for the 2015 Maker Fair edition.

Part of the exposition will be dedicated to the Serna licenced innovation and design prototypes of women handbags. The luminous smart fabric is used to illuminate inside the bag. The smart material is made of woven fiber-optics that emits its own light and illuminates at dark. When the bag is open (unfastened) the smart material illuminates automatically with the help of a tiny sensor and helps to find personal belongings in the bag easily specially at night. The laser-cut logo (pattern) on the front lets the light visible also from outside of the bag. The luminous material is also used at the handles to enrich the design with an esthetical approach. The smart fabric can be produced in various colours according to the led integrated into the smart fabric. The easy handable battery, which illuminates the fabric is hidden in a small pocket in the bag. In this style, the smart material used as inner lining is illuminated with yellow Led. The laser-cut logo in front helps light to be seem also from outside of the bag. The luminous bag collection is consists of 6 styles in various colours. The smart material is used with pvc layer outside to enhance the durability. The bag designs came to life by very fine materials of genuine leather and accessories.

The second part of the project is a design research oriented to test the symbiosis among smart materials and innovative design techniques. One of the focuses will be related to the Creation of Bag design concepts based on 3D Printing and laser cutter technologies of fabrication. The design ideas and brand concepts will bring function, style and ease of use in our lives, especially to women in modern city lives. A deep understanding of the functions and behaviours required will serve as a base to develop a product able to seduce for its aesthetic and functional assets. We will bring the idea of the original meaning of the term "purse” referred to a small bag for holding coins to a true concentration of technology.



Michela Musto + Serna Ucar

Serna UCAR:

Assistant Professor and Head of Fashion Design Department, Faculty of Fine Arts at Okan University in Turkey, Istanbul where has been a faculty member since 2011.
Completed her proficiency in fine arts (PHD/2012) and postgraduate degrees (2006) on Textile and Fashion Design at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University in Turkey, Istanbul. Graduated with a master’s degree in New Tech-Style Design Program at Politecnico di Milano in Milan (2010). Completed her graduate degree in Department of Traditional Turkish Arts as third best student at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University (2003).
Research interests lie in the area of smart and high-tech textiles regarding with her thesis projects*; currently focused on luminous textiles and smart technologies and working on accessories design collection related in this field.
Teaching theoretical and applied courses on fashion design in BA and graduate degrees.

Michela MUSTO

Michela Musto is an artist, architect and designer. She had been working for the top tier firms of the world of architecture, such as Foster+ Partners and Pica Ciamarra Associates. Her involvement with the world of architecture come along a deep interest of computational sciences and rapid prototyping techniques. Her career as a fashion designer started after her studies at the Architectural Association School of London. Researching over the relation between Fashion and morphogenetics, she had been teaching in Iran, UK and Italy and had been creating her first collection for the Maker Faire 2014 in Rome. Lecturer for the event Fashion Through History, held in La Sapienza University of Rome. Art director of the Académie d’art et musique of Naples and curator of its photography, art and design exhibitions.

  N13 - TechBAGs, Re-Coding Fashion
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