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Footsense is an application that uses Arduino in sport and therapeutic fields. The idea is to provide trainers and physicians with an instrument to analyse performances and behaviours during physical exercise. It captures data through sensors that are placed in athletes or patients’ shoes and are then synchronised with a video, which the application itself simultaneously creates. The result is that users achieve a statistical database and get a series of diagrams that allow studying each performance in detail and set a consequent plan for rehabilitation or improvement.


Paolo Bertucci, Marco Pucci

Paolo Bertucci (co-founder)

For over 25 years working in the ICT world as consultant in architecture and software development . It provided expertise in various areas such as banking, insurance , financial , telecommunications , startup company and public administration . Over time , he gained several professional experiences abroad : China , Canada , Turkey and South Africa ( Monitoring Systems Fiber Optics ) , USA ( system remote home banking ) , London ( real-time trading platform ) , Russia ( startup company ) . Born a youthful passion , curiosity of technology has always bring me to develop individual and personal initiatives in collaboration with groups of friends formed from time to time depending on the specific skills and by the degree of mutual trust .

Marco Pucci (co-founder)

Since 2010 he teaches Arduino, Android , kinect , videomapping , augmented reality for the lab Multimedia Arts Lab in "Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera" - Department of New Art Technologies .
From 2014 he teaches " Technologies and processes " at the IUAV University of San Marino .

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