Exhibitors 2015

Faraday Motion

Faraday Motion is an open modular platform for creating high tech compact electric vehicles. We have released a research vehicle that demonstrates our technology. It is the most advanced electric skateboard in the world featuring electric disc brakes, smartphone controls and advanced sensors. Our research vehicle and technology consists of hardware, 3d models, software and tools released under open licenses and most parts can be 3d printed with a normal desktop 3d printer.

Faraday Motion

Sune Pedersen

Sune, 37 from Copenhagen Denmark, has a background within software development and started his first business as a 19 year old. But already as a kid he was interested in taking things apart to learn how they worked and then use the components to invent something new. A knee injury was the event that triggered his new venture. The goal is to help accelerate the innovation happening in compact electric vehicles for personal transportation by making modular software and hardware components available open source.

  P22 - Faraday Motion

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