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Interagire con beni culturali
Interagire con beni culturali

Interagire con beni culturali

This installation is designed to improve Cultural Heritage communication through an interactive experience. The user, simply pointing out parts of the object of interest, obtains informations by descriptive videos. The set of descriptions of selectable details tells the story of the whole object in a more entertaining way. Different technologies were used to achieve this goal: Leap Motion sensor, 3D printing and Cinder++ opensource libraries.
Forum Nervae, whereof a section of the colonnade were 3D printed, has been studied to give demonstration of the project.

How it works:
The user put his hand close the sensor pointing columns or entablature. The software tracks the hand and recognise which part of the object is selected and shows details as name, historical period and virtual reconstruction. After 5 seconds, if selection is not changed, a video it’s played telling story and peculiarity of the chosen part.

Interagire con beni culturali

Mattia Fabrizi (laureando), Tommaso Empler (relatore)

Mattia Fabrizi, Tommaso Empler Teacher of computer graphics at faculty of architecture, Sapienza University of Rome

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