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Toys: a Toys-to-life project
Toys: a Toys-to-life project

Toys: a Toys-to-life project

Toys is a videogame based on the Toys-to-Life structure: it gives life to toys, allowing the player to interact with them on a screen. Putting the character on the USB-wired base, you can have access to the level with the toy as the main character, discovering a whole new playable universe.
Toys is about a comic-drawer’s toys: when he loses his faith, it’s up to Cal, Egbert, Luxdue and Uno to make him remember what’s really important.

Toys: a Toys-to-life project

Marco Alama

Marco Alama was born in Genoa in 1991. He draws, writes, gets the bachelor’s degree in graphic design in Genoa and moves to Rome for his Master. He loves level and environment design, graphic design, drawing, game developing and chasing dreams.

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