Exhibitors 2015



Our work, even if it alludes to the concept of RE-functionalization, is very different from it: we don’t want to recycle a product finding a possible new use in its mechanical qualities. To face our philosophy we need to abandon the original function and let the functional characteristics of the object take part to a new dimension, no longer industrial but purely artistic: the radio. This transformation requires a real "evolution" which wants knobs, buttons and spaces, as designed by engineers, now to be useful to the functions of a real radio.


Marco Lattanzi Antinori - Emiliano Diaferia

Marco Lattanzi Antinori was born in Rome in December 7th, 1983.
He is graduated in "Economia del Turismo e delle Risorse".
Since 2011 he works as Social Media Manager at the Italian Tourism Board.
Since 2011 works with Emiliano Diaferia to the "Elettroevoluzione" project.

Emiliano Diaferia was born in Rome in February 24th, 1983.
He is graduated in Physiotherapy and works as freelance.
Since 2011 works with Marco Lattanzi Antinori to the "Elettroevoluzione" project.

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