Exhibitors 2015


This is a scale. It's not a normal scale, it's not an escaltor. It's a prefabricated scale that you can move everywhere for every solution. You can open and close the scale and then you can choose the right position in your location: house, garden, shop... It's a simple solution for architecture and design. This scale is very simple to open and close. It's a new idea of a scale becouse it seems a mobile scale, but it's not a mobile scale. It's a new form of scale becouse it is a technology­scale. This object borns from a sofisticated algorithm and mathematician logic. The algorithm is made with grasshopper and rhino and the geometry command the motion.
The motion is possible becouse it is controlled by geometry and architecture. It's very light and elegant. You can move the scale with your hands and then you can command it with a computer. A sweet armony between handmade and technology. For don't forget italian manufacturing, an italian story.


Valeria Talarico, Teseo Schinder, Andrea Casale e Graziano Mario Valenti

Valeria Talarico is a phd in architecture in Sapienza, University of Rome. She has a graduate in mathematician and now she lives in Rome for study in Sapienza for phd in architecture.

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