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Le Petit COOL
Le Petit COOL

Le Petit COOL

Makers and growers, unite! Since 2013, we have been developing Le Petit COOL, an open source greenhouse kit composed by lasercut wood, an Arduino-compatible board, standard plastic boxes and a set of open hardware sensors, components and LEDs that are available off-the-shelf, anywhere in the world. Each greenhouse can independently control air temperature, humidity, luminosity, soil moisture and water feed of up to three plants, as well as capture image footage used to provide timelapse videos of the plant's growth. These features can be used for growing, conserving and healing plants, and for teaching electronics and botanics with an adaptative tool to introduce both subjects to kids and grown-ups from ages 6-8+.

Le Petit COOL


We are Antoine Berr, Carlos Santana Jr, Maximilien Daman and Paul Berr, and since 2013 we've been mixing electronics and botanics in our gardens.

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