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Spaghetti Prop: Rotocast-it
Spaghetti Prop: Rotocast-it

Spaghetti Prop: Rotocast-it

At Spaghetti Prop we mold and cast props for the movie industry, to make prototypes and in small batches for product design. Therefore we designed "Rotocast-it"a device that makes hollow cast with liquid urethane resin for us.
The machine is an opensource project that can be fabricated in any Fab Lab, it has an innovative structure and it is automatically operated by a desktop app.
It was completely designed and fabricated in Fab Lab Opendot as a final project for Fab Academy 2015.

Spaghetti Prop: Rotocast-it

Saverio Silli

Saverio Silli is an architect, art director and designer from Rome. In 2015 he has been a student of Fab Academy at Opendot in Milan. He is the co-founder of Spaghetti Prop, a propmaking firm and the first talian web community about propmaking and costuming. A prop is any object other than furnitures or costumes used on the set of a play or movie and therefore a propmaker is the film industry maker. In Spaghetti Prop Saverio has worked for movie and TV production, art exhibition and expositions. and he continues his research over product design and digital fabrication.

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