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The Steampunk Lab

The Steampunk Lab

During the 2015th edition of Maker Faire Rome, Steampact Project will offer you a full immersion in the marvellous world of Steampunk. For 3 days, in the Città Universitaria, the main campus of Sapienza University, the illusion of linear time will be diminished by interactive scenographies worthy of Dr.Frankenstein's laboratory or Captain Nemo's submarine.
There will also be set up an area where to experience the Dreamachine, the Brion Gysin's legendary machine of dreams.

The Steampunk Lab

Steampact Project

Steampact Project was founded in 2013 as an association specialized in events management. Their first event was the first Italian Steampunk festival, which was suddenly followed by SteaMachine, the first exhibition in Italy that was entirely addressed to Steampunk Makers.
Over the time, Steampact Project has collaborated with many different realities, from the alternative clubbing to the videogame museum, creating entirely new events or Steampunk versions of the already existing ones.

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