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Folding Pets
Folding Pets

Folding Pets

Folding Pets is a family of 3D puzzles in the form of assembly kits.
Each kit is composed of printed sheets of colored paper with the shapes of the puzzle pieces. You will need to cut the shapes, engrave the fold line and glu the edges together.
The edges are numbered to indicate the parts that have to be glued together.
All you need to assemble a puzzle is a cutter, a ruler and a small tube of paper glue.
The asembly time varies between 15 minutes and 4 hours according to the number of pieces in the kit.
Once assembled, Folding Pets will decorate and enliven our home, office or any other place.

Folding Pets

Pellegrino Cucciniello

Pellegrino Cucciniello is an industrial designer specialized in 3D printing and Digital Fabrication. He has worked in design studios where he developed products for many italian and international brands. Currently he works as a consultant and develops his own projects, exploring the potential of 3D modelling and new production and fabrication tecniques.

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