Exhibitors 2015



The big CNC is an amazing machine for a lab, but it's pretty expensive and cumbersome. Smill aims to be a cheap alternative, that every fablab could buy or make, actually smaller than the material that it cuts.
This means that to save space inside a fablab: the CNC could be stored in a corner, behind the plywood panels, and put to work only when needed.
Dreaming big, it could be possible to make a house (for instance one of the wikihouse projects) using a machine that could be moved and assembled by two people and brought where it's needed with a car.
A second objective would be to make the machine with simple, cheap consumables and parts that can be fabricated with fablabs machines, possibly with the CNC process to make it self replicating.


Enrico Bassi

I managed the first Italian Fablab in 2011 (www.fablabitalia.it), then Fablab Torino until 2014 (www.fablabtorino.org) and now I'm working in fablab Opendot (www.opendotlab.it)

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