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Lucy is a robot that bends sunlight into your Home

Lucy is a robot that bends sunlight into your Home

Solenica wants to break the existing paradigm in the residential natural lighting space with "Lucy", the designer robot that illuminates your home with natural sunlight. In fact, we lose our vitality by living in homes that are artificially illuminated, and we should be exposed to sunlight anytime we can because it activates vitamin D, which prevents cancer, and it makes us happier and more productive by increasing our serotonin and melatonin levels.
We have identified a strong unsatisfied interest in the current ugly, expensive and intrusive natural lighting solutions for the home. Our designer robot "Lucy" is beautiful, affordable and easy-to-use. Equipped with an optical 'eye' connected to a motorised mirror that tracks the sun from sunrise to sunset, Lucy bends sunlight into your Home. Lucy also tells you about energy savings, carbon footprint, health and the natural illumination index of your home through the Solenica app. Lucy will be integrated into the Smart Home so as to switch the lights off when there is sunlight available.

Lucy is a robot that bends sunlight into your Home

Diva Tommei, Alessio Paoletti, Mattia Di Stasi

Diva Tommei studied Biotechnology as an undergrad and went on to get a PhD in Bioinformatics from the University of Cambridge. During her PhD she was accepted at Singularity University, an intensive program sponsored by NASA and Google on exponential technologies where a cadre of world leaders get together to work on society's greatest challenges and create new startups to address them. She started by co-founding several biotech startups and went on to co-found and run Solenica as CEO. Solenica aims to break existing paradigms in the natural lighting space with "Lucy", a designer robot that illuminates your home and office with the natural glow of sunlight. She is a member of the Women in Aerospace association and has been elected Honorary Member of the Cambridge University Technology and Enterprise Club. She's also been a Global Shaper in the Rome Hub since the beginning of 2014 where she helps the curatorship lead a team of 25 young talents as Board Member and elected Curator for 2015/2016. She gives her expertise in fundraising and project management to help the Hub get funding and complete its projects.

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