Exhibitors 2015

Il Bolide della Spesa

"Il Bolide della Spesa" consists in creating a shopping cart motorized.
To give life to the realization we used dismissed components.
Its stability, because of its six wheels (four in the truck, a driving one and a steering one), allows you to move easily and safely.
The electrical system guarantees its use in the case of low light.
Large capacity allows to add various gadgets like a roof, the side bags and the stereo.
Its versatility and its low price of realization make it fun and available to everyone.

Il Bolide della Spesa

Michele Sorgi, Enrico Maria Castaldo, Giacomo Salvemme, Gianlorenzo Sabatini, Lorenzo Martini, Mattia Olcuire, Francesco Mariotti.

We are six students attending the second year of Roma Tre Engineering University. We came up with this project to create something that completely belongs to us and independent of the athenaeum.

  P21 - Il Bolide della Spesa

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