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VIPER: the Python IoT Design Suite

VIPER: the Python IoT Design Suite

VIPER is a multi-board compatible IoT development suite for makers, designers and IoT developers. VIPER supports rapid product development and integration with sensors and cloud services, reducing development time and efforts. VIPER is composed of:
- VIPER IDE: a multi-platform and browser-based developing environment with cloud sync and board management features;
- VIPER VIRTUAL MACHINE: a real-time, multi-thread supporting, Python 3 OS running on all the 32bit ARM Professional and DIY microcontroller boards, like Arduino, UDOO, Particle, STNucleo;
- VIPER APP: the mobile interface for smart objects and IoT systems. Any mobile will become the objects display and remote controller.

VIPER: the Python IoT Design Suite


Daniele Mazzei, PhD, Electronics and System Integration Designer, his research aims at investigating the social and empathic link between humans and robot or machines. He helps companies and designers in converting rough ideas into terrific products.

Giacomo Baldi, Software Architect, is a computer scientist and medical doctor! He developed from scratch all our core software, integrating on it the latest evolution of embedded computing. He develops the soul of your new products.

Gualtiero Fantoni, PhD, Product Designer, is a Professor of product development at the University of Pisa doing research on advanced robotic and mechanical design. He loves the challenge of designing impossible products.

Gabriele Montelisciani, PhD, is a management engineer with specific expertise on methods and tools for early stage innovation, business modeling and management. He takes care of industrial collaboration and operations.

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