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Bike Navigation

Bike Navigation

Many of us at HERE are makers at heart. A few of us decided to create a side project called the Bike Navigation. This is a companion device to a phone designed to navigate a person from point A to B as simply as possible. It is also hackable.

Bike Navigation has the following aspects:

A user can keep their phone safe in their bag while riding.
Keeping the phone screen off saves battery life.
Low power requirements of the device means the navigation will run a very long time.
Riding a bike with a phone attached may be distracting and dangerous.
The LED matrix may show both icons or text, allowing additional features.

Hardware wise we have built a custom PCB with the following components:

7x7 LED matrix
Bluetooth LE 4
Rechargeable Battery
3D Printed enclosure

About HERE

We’re building the world’s leading location cloud, which connects a broad range of devices and software with intelligent maps to better serve our consumer, automotive and enterprise customers.

HERE is a leader in navigation, mapping and location experiences. We build high-definition (HD) maps and combine them with cloud technology to help you and your business navigate a complex world with personalized solutions. Anytime, everywhere, across a broad range of devices, operating systems and vehicles. Our global reach is unmatched. We’ve created maps for 196 countries with more than half navigation grade.

For more information about HERE please see HERE.com or https://company.here.com/here/

Bike Navigation

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