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We found a way to express our passion for skiing even during the warm season.
We moved from the slopes to our FabLab and started crafting our tools exploring the possibilities in terms of materials and geometries.
Freeride offers freedom: the choice of the best trajectory, the way to handle a given curve, whether to cut it in or to take it gently, gliding on fresh snow.
We chose to adopt the same freedom in the construction of our skis: the choice of materials, the wood stiffnes, the radius of curvature, the weight were chosen by every maker/skier.
We ended up creating perfectly functional skis, with a very particular maker flavour.


FabLab Genova

We are a team of electronic, hardware, programming, carpentry, 3D-printing, digital technologies and making enthusiasts who decided to conduct their projects in a self-managed way.

Our project has a main target: that of make and do-it-yourself, but we are not a just a production workshop.
Self-management, the claim of dismissed public spaces, the sharing of knowledge and technologies, safe access to our laboratory for everyone who wants to develop a big project or just a dish-hanger, these are our main and daily goals.
Fablab genova lives within "Buridda", an Occupied and Self-managed Social Laboratory and is self-financed by whip-rounds and spontaneous gifts given by people who use the lab and/or are happy to help it survive, exist, grow and improve.
Our union was born autonomously more than three years ago and, together with the whole Buridda, has recently experienced a forced evacuation on request of Genoa municiple.
We gave a firm answer to that action occupying a new building, which is now our location.
Fond of the lack of aggregation spaces and cultural events which are deeply independent from institutional logics in our city, we will carry on what we believe in and keep on giving free access to competences and machines to whoever may want to realise his ideas with us, being a little bit more free from the market.

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