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SoundForce MIDI controllers
SoundForce MIDI controllers

SoundForce MIDI controllers

SoundForce Controllers designs boutique music production hardware. The company’s mission is to develop beautiful tools with both unique functionality and DIY-friendly design. Our products are hand-made in small series in The Netherlands. We love the sound of classic analog hardware and the workflow of digital recording. The first products to be released are MIDI controllers laid-out specifically to software vintage synthetizers.

Take a look at how we work : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8I7vGNzxQI4

SoundForce MIDI controllers

Nicolas Toussaint

SoundForce Controllers is a one-man operation lead by Nicolas Toussaint, Electrical Engineer and Producer/Mixer/Sound Designer (http://sound-force.nl). Nicolas takes care of everything at SoundForce: product concept/design, electronics, laser cutting, screen printing, assembly/soldering, photography, videos, website…

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