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Bamboo Bici Lab
Bamboo Bici Lab

Bamboo Bici Lab

Bamboo Bici Lab is the Italian project that provides the knowledge and tools to build bamboo bicycles. Anyone will have the opportunity to create a customized bicycle, strong, sustainable and exclusive, following a simple and secure method for the construction of the frame. It’s possible to design customized models for any type of bike. By taking part in this experience you live a unique adventure of creative handicraft to share together. On request we organize practical workshops, lasting two days and on the whole national territory.

Bamboo Bici Lab

Guglielmo Lisi

My name is Guglielmo Lisi, I’m an engineer student from Rome and I’m a maker. I joined my passion for bicycles with my studies on mechanical properties of bamboo, starting the project Bamboo Bici Lab.

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