Exhibitors 2015



A new concept of interior design auto-production. High level of personalization. Coordinate series of furniture objects that wears the multifarious aspects of nature. 3D scanning allows this mimesis: the texture of a leaf, the splits of a mineral, or the plumage of a bird, can be captured faithfull.
Models are composed of shells realized by additive 3D printing: an economical technique that allows the realization of an object by addition of PLA layers, the rigid organic polymer of plant origin. New breed of objects, with an inner solid core, familiar, earthly, warm, given by traditional materials like lime, gypsum, jute and resins.



3DiTALY are the world’s biggest network of 3D print store (there are now 6 3DiTALYstores in Italy and two more will be opened soon), 3DiTALY experiments with new applications of 3D printing and 3D scanning. For Maker Faire, 3DiTALY team are using these technologies to present EGGFORM, a new concept for interior design.
3DiTALY scanner to digitize the texture of a leaf. This was then magnified and then replicated through 3D printing into very large sized shells, which allow for the creation of full sized objects, such as tables and chairs. The PLA shells and inner core are, thus, used as a mold into which a material, composed of a mixture of lime, gypsum, jute and wood dust, is poured.

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