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PoommaRobot is created with an old smartphone, an Arduino board and a cooking pot for Neapolitan sauce. It’s a first version of an hardware and software platform easily expandable, economic and powerful enough to use it to teach and research in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. Through an Android app programmed on a tablet the user can experience in the telepresence (the robot send the streaming of its vision to the tablet). The robot can be remotely controlled or exhibit an autonomous behavior (obstacle avoidance, etc.). It’s able to move into the surrounding environment, to monitor the environmental parameters of temperature and humidity (he housings for the sensors are made using a 3D printer), to be geo-located and to show different emotions through simple facial expressions and voices (it uses a bluetooth speaker to ensure adequate volume voice). It 'a platform with a high degree of scalability and flexibility. It also has an extremely low cost and is designed to encourage open philosophy. The learning curve related to its programming is extremely low. Ultimately it is a robotic platform more intuitive in the aspects of software design, less complex from an hardware point of view, but with comparable performance and lower costs compared to many architectures present in today’s laboratories of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics.


Gaetano Saurio

He was born in Bari in 1979. He lived up to 15 years near Rome, then moved to Mondragone, living for certain periods by student also in the city of Naples.. He lived for a few months in the city of Dublin for an internship at IBM. Always passionate about science and nature, he obtained a second level degree in Computer Science. He loves Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Psychology. He has a great passion for the world of plants, and has a large garden where he enjoys seeding and acclimatising tropical species. By the age of 11 years, he plays the rock guitar, approaching through the years to the study of the style of Django Reinhardt, jazz manouche. Chairman of an environmental association for the recovery of a stream, he often dedicated to volunteering to support multiethnic integration. He took part in many activities to combat the animal abandonment.

  K6 - Poommarobot - The First Smart Pot in the World

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