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Swarm Constructability
Swarm Constructability

Swarm Constructability

Swarm Constructability is about innovative building processes enabled by a swarm of independent mini-robots which self-organize through luminescent footprints they both read and release into the environment, while depositing material.
As proven by some biological paradigms such as the communitarian species that organize material structures (i.e. termites and wasps) -, the construction process doesn't hinge upon a "general plan" but depends on the actions of the individuals who communicate with each other via chemical footprints and change their behavior accordingly (Stigmergy).

Swarm Constructability

Michele Semeghini, Massimo Cicorella

Massimo Cicorella
Electronics designer, musician, maker, passionate about robotics and animatronics.
Latest project presented: TentacleLamp 1.0 (Maker Faire Rome 2014)

Michele Semeghini
Engineer of Architecture, computational designer, curious about robotic systems applied to architectural production.

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