Exhibitors 2015


Birra "Open Sorso"

"Open Sorso" is an open source project involved in craft beer making, that aim to diffuse open source recipes, an open source DIY digital kit to control and produce craft home beer and a web portal to control and share the process in real time, with a dedicated social network. The Kit can be realized with the tools and the competences we can find in a FabLab or maker spaces, in order to diffuse the "open sorso" beer more than distribute it,


Alessandro Zampieri con Fablab Roma Makers

Alessandro Zampieri was born in Roma, since he was a child he has Always shown a particular attitude towards making things and dealing with projects. The natural evolution was studing Design, wich is still his main passion despite the fact is not the main job! Co-founder of FabLab Roma Makers spent is spare time to run the Lab and discover new way to make things and Learning or teaching how to use digital fabrications tools.

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