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Playcar Car Sharing - L'auto quando serve

Playcar is a car sharing company which started its activity in May 2014. It has 200 members at the moment for 21 station based cars with about 10 new members per month. Its target is reaching 50 vehicles by the end of the year and to add some more cars, EV, motor scooter and vans in free floating mode. Playcar wishes to replicate this model in Italian little cities also introducing vehicles of private owners willing to invest in car sharing.
Target: reducing the number of private cars and reaching a conscious usage of public transport through sharing economy.

Playcar Car Sharing - L'auto quando serve

Fabio Mereu / Raffaela Corda

Fabio Mereu 38-years-old is an artisan businessman in transports. He has devoted his life to people transportation both by bus and cars. At the early age of 16 he found his passion in car sharing but he had to wait until 2014 to realise his project. He is partner and cofounder of Playcar.

Raffaela Corda 35-years-old graduated in foreign languages at the University of Cagliari and obtained a II level master degree in “specialized translation” at the Sapienza University in Rome. She became part of the project in 2011.

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