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BESOS - Bio Engineering Systems for Open Society
BESOS - Bio Engineering Systems for Open Society

BESOS - Bio Engineering Systems for Open Society

Information technology evolves at a dizzying pace and is often complicated and stressful to control all the electronic devices that surround us. So, new User Interface will have to be simpler and more intuitive. In a word, they will be more ... "natural".

BESOS aims to realize the potential of the Makers and Open Source Hardware Movement as a catalyst to boost the revolution of Human-Machine Interaction toward the Natural User Interface.

BESOS wants to give at makers, researchers, developers, artists and enthusiasts of Open Source Movement the necessary tools to make Natural User Interfaces that allow to interact with daily electronic devices through our physiological signals for experimentation, fun and test purposes.

We build electronic boards that acquire biosignals and can interface to all modern electronics prototyping platforms such as Arduino (Makers want this!).
Furthermore we build 3D-printable supports for electrodes. BESOS CAP is the first customizable headset for placement of EEG (electroencephalogram) electrodes and... if you want you can disassemble it and play Risk! =)

All our projects are open-source, so you can have fully control of hardware and software of the devices (Researchers want this!)

We're already on the web at www.besos.cc, a community where you can explore with us the wonderful world of NUI, Biomedical Engineering and Open Source.
Take a look at BESOS projects (at the moment in a protype stage), stay tuned with the latest news and... “KISS THE REVOLUTION!”

BESOS - Bio Engineering Systems for Open Society

Luigi Francesco Cerfeda

My name is Luigi. I am 27 years old and I come from Ugento (Lecce). I received a Bachelor's degree in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Pisa, in 2013.

Working for my dissertation on the project and realization of an EEG device, I started to go deep into the world of Open Source Hardware by doing a search on the state of the art of commercial EEG.
In my research, in fact, I saw the OpenEEG Project (and related projects like MonolithEEG, openEXG, Olimex EEG-SMT, etc...)
I was able to appreciate the world and the philosophy of Open Source Hardware and when I noticed the Arduino project I had a lightning strike.

So I decided to do an update of modularEEG, modifying it to work with Arduino platforms.

The idea liked in the OSH forums and I had contacts with the FabLab Pisa for a collaboration.
I have participated in some contests, like Lifebility Award 2013, BarCamper Tour and Tech Garage 2013, Maker Faire 2014, Internet Festival 2014 and others, getting good results.

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