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Rocket Engine

our project is to design, test, create models of rockets and motors to propel them to do meteorological studies to be both educational purposes. We focus on building engines for reduced pollution with toxic chemicals but not to get to the engine to hybrid propellants we started working on engines for small-scale solid propellants. We started building small models of engines and test them on our test bench we started several studies to improve them, make them more efficient and more powerful, we also worked sull'aeredinamica rockets and we are starting studies for non-polluting hybrid engines combustible. We also work on electronics and software to manage such models, to straighten the trajectories, to decide the opening of the parachute, to collect data, to transmit them to the ground and so on. Our aim is to be able one day to create rocket engines efficient, non-polluting, low-cost, accessible to more people and for pure personal interest we would like to get them through the stratosphere with our model.

Rocket Engine

Lorenzo Di Donato, Stefano Nitti

We are two boys of 20 years ,
we are both in Rome and we attended the ' State Technical Institute Galileo Galilei of Rome and we attended the electronics and automation . We've always been fans of both electronics , model construction and general construction manuals , we also attended an afternoon of robotics where we designed and implemented programmed robots that can play soccer autonomously with excellent results in various competitions winning last year the title of world champions in Brazil and winning other competitions in Europe.

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