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SycroMove is a treadmill that reads dynamic approach of the body to the front sensor and speeds up or slows down depending on how far you are. The closer you get to the sensor, the more the carpet accelerates while if you leave slows to a stop. Thus it adapts to the pace of the runners allowing a smoother and safe ride.


Luca Bernacchia, InnovationGym

Having tinkered for years with the Commodore 64 and after stubbornly kept trying to run kits New Electronics I graduated in mechanical engineering.
In 1994 he created virtual worlds including the first interactive driving simulators.
Intuited the potential of the internet, in 1995 I was selected by Telecom Italia to participate in the creation of the Internet Service Provider Tin.it.
I created the Help Desk Technician selecting and training staff to effectively assist families and SMEs to take advantage of all the features of the Internet.
I then repeated the same experience in the ISP World Online Europe where I had the position of manager of customer care.
I was then called back to Telecom Italia and created the Technical Operations Center, a group of guys that monitored the H24 datacenter tin.it, Virgilio.it and Alice.it, and carried out the first operation on the machines' system in case of fault.
After managing the datacenter I specialized in Cybersecurity and I made the manager of IT Security for seven years delving more and more the functioning of the internet.
I was fond of DIY, bricklayer, electrician, plumber, home automation and finally Maker.
I bought the first Arduino board in 2011 and spent many evenings LED lighting, RFID reading, communicating with the internet, etc ...
I attended both events the Maker Faire in Rome collaborating on physical exposure and the pantograph CNC "MechMate".
Today I attend the FabLab Romans and are in the organizing committee of the Fondazione Mondo Digitale Fablab InnovationGym.

  P44 - Control of Things (COT)
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