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KidsPad is an interactive device for children , to learn about the digital world . Thanks to a basic and functional modules , such as the battery , input devices , output and those of sharing , the child is guided to make up the hardware for the desired performance . Depending on how they will be connected the function will change . For example , the union of the blocks " battery " , " microphone " , " share " and " mother " will activate the function of sending a voice message to your mother . All this will push your child to think about the functions of individual components , and how this system constitutes the " performance" of a technological tool .


Fabio Rapanelli

Born in 1987. He worked for two years , starting in 2006 in the Loccioni Group . He explores issues related to team working and marketing by attending a Master in Business Administration . He enrolled in 2008 at the School of Architecture and Design E. Victory of Ascoli Piceno , where he graduated in 2011 with a thesis in Product Design . He is currently enrolled at the same University at Master Course Design , where he explores issues about interaction design and digital fabrication .

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