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BIKE+ all in one

BIKE+ all in one is an innovative electric powertrain that allows you to save up to 40% of the oxygen with no needs to charge the batteries, thanks to a patented energy management system that increase human efficiency. BIKE+ all in one integrates motor, battery pack, electronics along with multiple sensors (speed, pedaling, slope). As e-bike kit, Zehus BIKE+ all in one also has the highest battery capacity/weight ratio on the market. Thanks to the Bluetooth connectivity it is possible to connect a smartphone for getting information about your trip. You can decide with one finger whether to use it as a conventional “e-bike” or in the unique unlimited capacity mode BIKE+ or halfway between an e-bike and BIKE+.

BIKE+ all in one

Giovanni Alli, Sergio Savaresi, Ivo Boniolo, Paolo Lisanti

Giovanni Alli is one of the inventors of BIKE+ all in one. After his graduation in Automation engineering in 2008 (Politecnico di Milano) he started the phd in Information Technology, under the guide of Professor Sergio Savaresi within the mOve research group. He studied the dynamics of the human body while cycling along with new vehicles and scenarios for sustainable mobility within cities. He visited MIT Senseable City Lab in 2011, as a PhD student. He defended his phd thesis on "Advanced ride by wire system in Light and Electric Vehicles" in Februardy 2012. He was project leader for DEI (Electronic and Information Department) in Politecnico di Milano, for the project Green Move in 2012-13. He is co-founder of Zehus, the Innovative Startup that produces BIKE+ all in one (April 2013). Recently he was awarded with the Smart City Innovation Awards in Milano.

  Zehus BIKE+ all in one

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