Exhibitors 2015



The project that we want to present is an accessory for smartphones . It is a Braille keyboard to be used on the back of the phone, so that people who are blind or visually impaired can communicate with the smartphone writing through physical buttons . This accessory makes Habitable , in particular , the inclusion of text in a silent , quick and easy , alongside the current assistance systems voice for entering text , greatly improving the user experience of the phone.


Alunno Camelia Elio, Lucchesi Federico, Borelli Alessandro, Riccardo Amadio,Riccardo Chiaraluce

Alunno Camelia Elio laureato in fisica
Lucchesi Federico laureato in fisica
Borelli Alessandro programmatore freelance
Riccardo Amadio studente di ingegneria
Riccardo Chiaraluce engineering studente di ingegneria

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