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www.byomusic.it is the first italian website for custom and handmade musical instruments. A musician (or anyone who wants to create a custom instrument) can go online and configurate every detail (shape, materials, finish, etc.) of his dream guitar or bass, creating a virtual project.
ByoMusic developed a web app to manage the configurations: it's a software based on its own database, hosted on a dedicated server and it can be integrated on every web page. This allowes to automatically save every configuration made by each user account, modify them or share via social networks. It also allowes to control the different configuration pages and check the analytics (configurations made, most choosen options, users accounts...)

Once an order is made, ByoMusic makes a design project and works with many crafters (luthiers, painter, etc...) to realize a handmade production of the instruments configurated online.

In the online Shop there are spare parts and accessories to modify the instruments but we give a special attention to the products (accessories or complete instruments) handmade by the artisans that work with ByoMusic.


Thomas Brusati

Thomas is ByoMusic’s founder. He’s the one who will design your custom instrument.

After his Product Design Master Degree at Politecnico di Milano and a few professional experiences about Environmental Acoustics (design of sound absorbing panels) he specialized in Sound Design achieving the Certificate in Electronic Music Production at SAE Institute in Milan and the Certificate of Advanced Studies in Sound Design Electronic Music at Conservatorio della Svizzera Italiana in Lugano (CH).

After one year of Australian life-experience, he develops the idea of ByoMusic – Build Your Own Music: a website where every musician can find everything he may need to make his own Music, following his own personal taste.

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