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Welcome Kit interattivi
Welcome Kit interattivi

Welcome Kit interattivi

The “Orto Italiano” kit is a little treasure to be saved. Grow the vegetables you’ll find inside the box (seeds) and create your small, lush Italian garden.
The plants that will grow represent the extraordinary richness of our territory and years of painstaking, careful care and selection.
You’ll get the incredible richness of Italy, which gives colour and flavour to your kitchen table.

Discover all the possibilities of a new way to think the cultivation
● Have fun to grow the kit plants
● Discover the excellent products of Italy
● Learn to grow vegetables with Grow the Planet
Kit content
● Little greenhouse with plant saucer
● 5 packets of seeds
● Cell packs for seedlings
● Postcard with activation code
● Plant Tags
● Brochure

How to use “Orto Italiano”
Activate your kit online: fill in the form on orto.loscrignodeisemi.it and insert the code you find inside the product to start growing; follow the growing journal: step by step and day by day, we will follow you in the growing process.
You can check the status of your plants at any time by coming back to website from your smartphone and tablet.

Welcome Kit interattivi

Marco Nardin - Gianni Gaggiani

Here I am, my name is Marco'm 40, directed to the design studios of her family and by the smell of paper and ink that accompany my growth path since childhood.

Perito chart the title of official study achieved in 1994 Pearson Institute of Turin, evolution lived title that feel my !!

I did the military service in 1994 in a military typography in Rome, the city that comes back into my life in 2006 when addressed always by my dad, landing at the association world, the world will change in my life, to my growth, my knowledge and my freedom!

Freedom I consider a unique and indispensable asset to continue to live by my values, simple transmitted from my family and on which I built my highway. On this highway traveling cars that I drive every day, with me are my family, my staff, my company, my friends and it always fills every day of people unique and special that makes this trip unique.

Now choose whether you too can be part of your highway and you my no ifs and buts, put the face with a single constant ALWAYS !!!

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