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Dismantle the tv and turn on an idea

Dismantle the tv and turn on an idea

“Dismantle the TV and turn on an idea” is a creative manifestation against trash TV. It was born to make television audience develop a critical sense of how they use TV. In this performance "Dismantlers" are the protagonists: people who espouse the cause and actively participate. The Dismantler dismantle, by themselves or in a group, some televisions and create new objects using the pieces of dismantled TVs and other material they bring. The debris is differentiated and pollutant material is disposed of according to WEEE regulations.

Would you like to dismantle a TV with us?
Are you an artist, a designer or you just think there's a lot of trash TV?
Join “Dismantle the TV and turn an idea"!
Participation is free and open to everybody.
Your work will be on display for the three days of Maker Faire Rome. Participants must register downloading a form from the website www.smontailtelevisoreeaccendiunidea.com.
Deadline to register: oct 5, 2015.

Fiorella Bonifacio + Smontatori

I was born in 19xx and I live in Rome: the city that gave and keeps giving me so many creative inputs.
My work experiences, which follow my passions and vice versa, range from architecture, to stage design and design. The continuous search for what is still unknown to me and the passion for art, make me an eclectic person. In my projects I integrate several elements and my travels take shape along the way.

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