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Biblioduino is culturale project. It is a kit designed to be lent in the public library and it consists of an Arduino board and various components (LED, sensors, potentiometers, ...), assembled in small 3D printed cubes. The components also have been adapted, so that they can be connected to the Arduino board without using a bread-board. The kit also contains a handbook with simple instructions, that can explain intuitively how to use the kit and how to programme the first sketches.


Hubout Makers Lab

HubOut Makers Lab is one of the cultural projects promoted by HubOut │Creative Lab, a common place whose aim is to encourage sharing of knowledges and cooperation between different professions. It is inside a Cultural Centre and library, designing and sharing a common cultural planning for the city.

HubOut Makers Lab makes available to those who are interested CNC and traditional machines (as a sewing machine), several equipped workstations and it offers thematic workshops and sociability moments that allow to plan, design and create things.

A lab that is also a “micro-factory”.

HubOut Makers Lab promotes and encourages a practical approach to learning based on “Learning by Doing”, a place where tools and knowledges come from the Open Source community that, in the very last years, worked on the spread of free softwares up to the development of concrete, shared and reproducible instruments.

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