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Planetario portatile Optomeccanico

Planetario portatile Optomeccanico

The Planetarium is a project realized by LOfficina involving scientific technological skills all over the field not forgetting the educational needs of use.
The steps were: realization numerical control machine and software for the drilling of the sphere. Design and production of electronics and mechanics to assemble the machine. Realization of the inflatable dome of 5 meters in diameter to carry out astronomical activities with schools and the public.
Planetarium projecting 1700 stars, 500 with optical glass according to magnitude, the cardinal points, the sun and moon, the ecliptic, the local meridian. The console is movable and positionable at any point of the dome.
The planetarium exhibited at the fair is used for educational activities of LOfficina. Portable Planetarium de LOfficina is on sale, you can also agree on changes or variations of the model based on the needs of the customer.

Planetario portatile Optomeccanico

Associazione LOfficina - Riccardo Vittorietti - Stefania Ferroni

Riccardo and Stefania Vittorietti Ferroni are the founding members of the Association LOfficina.
Riccardo and Stefania are an interesting combination in which scientific approach, humanistic look and a good dose of creativity come together in a very exuberant mix.

Disassemble, assemble, design are the actions that best describe Riccardo that science has always been passionate, like the rest of the music. Degree in engineering but to inventor passion, has collaborated with the Museum of Science in Milan to design prototypes for the Robotics area, while the Planetarium of Milan has given lectures and educational activities on astronomy for kids. Today is totally involved professionally with LOfficina Association of which he is a founding member.

Stefania instead has a degree in literature, a strong curiosity for the theater and is passionate about science has always been, since he dismounted to 5 years all his toys "to understand the heart."
Stefania, for many years now dipped into the world of science dealing with the teaching of science and engineering workshops for both the Science Museum and for the Planetarium of Milan, now works with enthusiasm and passion with LOfficina Association.

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