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Public Wireless Smartphone Charger

The first public smartphone charging station that cares about the environment. With wireless charging no cables required!
Smartphones are a staple of our modern society, but their battery life is often not enough.
Our solar-powered smartphone charging station installed in public outdoor spaces like squares, parks or beaches allows users to swiftly charge their smartphones when necessary. 10 minutes of charge gets up to 1 hour of standby operation.
Thanks to wireless charging users don't need any wires, it is waterproof and tamperproof.
It is a connected device for smart cities since it integrates a remote management system, digital billing with app and air quality sensors for big data environment analysis.

Public Wireless Smartphone Charger

Niccolò Gallarati, Davide Viganò

Niccolo’ Gallarati, product designer, has a bachelor’s degree in Communication Sciences from IULM University, Milan, and worked in the technology industry for over 10 years as an Accenture intern, freelance web designer, IT officer in the European Commission, as well as a software developer for an Irish online insurance company.
Davide Vigano’ has MS in Physics from Milan’s Universita’ degli Studi. He has been an EC Joint Research Centre intern where he specialized in the Photovoltaic systems testing. In the last year he participated to two Hackathons in Dublin City University and he is a proud supporter of the Makers movement.
Together they founded GaraGeeks, a tech startup established in Dublin, Ireland, established in 2014.
Our mission is to bring practical, useful technologies in everyday life.
This goal is pursued by an iterative process of designing, building and refining prototypes using the latest digital fabrication systems such as 3D printers and laser cutters.

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