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Semafori Dinamici

The present invention concerns the realization of an electronic device capable of dynamically optimizing the waiting time at traffic-lights.
The device is constituted by an electronic board composed of an integrated microcontroller (1.a), a photo-detector (1.b) and a network card (1.c). The network card establishes a connection between the electronic device itself and the traffic-light controller that regulates the timing of the traffic-light (1.d).
The electronic device - placed at the base of the traffic-light to be optimized - will be able to detect the actual presence of vehicles in transit at the traffic-light (2). When necessary, it will cause the traffic-light controller to anticipate the expiration of the “green” signal: in this way it will be possible to prevent unnecessary waiting times for the vehicles waiting at the corresponding intersections.

Semafori Dinamici

Federico Di Paolo

Automation Systems Engineer. I graduated with honors in engineering at the University of Rome "La Sapienza" and I am currently working at a computer services company in Rome.

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