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Dai droni al 3D

The Rainerum Robotics Team for years develops drones. He is testing for filming and 3D reconstruction via camera and a special sensor. In the past, the kids have developed a software for planning the route of the drone and one for 3D reconstruction. With the new sensor they can easily switch to 3D printing of the subject reconstructed.

Dai droni al 3D

Rainerum Robotics Team

The Rainerum Robotics Team was founded in 2003 thanks to the students and faculty of the School Rainerum of Bolzano. It meets outside school hours to develop advanced projects in robotics. Over the years many students have formed the group led by Professors of Mathematics, Physics, Computer Maddalena Angeli and Stefano Monfalcon assisted by Sebastian Cincelli, former member of Rainerum Robotics and currently a student at the Politecnico di Milano.

  U4 - Dai droni al 3D

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